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The best reasons to use spaza:

  • Anyone can sell anything! Well, mostly anything. Nothing illegal, harmful or offensive, obviously - be reasonable.
  • It starts out free (for one month) and then it stays cheap. You almost don't have to spend money to make money. Almost.
  • It's so easy we've opened shops with our eyes closed, just for fun. Seriously though, if you can type and click, you're good to go.
  • You can sell tickets: No one likes a middleman, so we got rid of him.
  • You set up ticket sales for your party or event, people buy tickets, receive them via email, and you scan them at the door. Sorted.
  • You can sell products: If you want to keep it real and sell actual items, that's great! But, you can also go full digital (woah) and sell e-books, online courses, whatever you please.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Support

Will this work on a smartphone?

Absolutely! Spaza is 100% mobile responsive.

Payment Gateways

How will people purchase my products or tickets?

Spaza has four payment options: EFT, PayFast, PayGate and PayPal. You can sell to anyone in the world who has money.

What about security?

All purchases and monetary exchanges are controlled by the above third-party systems, which encrypt personal information. It's all very safe.


Delivery you're free to choose your own delivery options and rules and add them to your shop

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