Creating an online store should be easy. And affordable.

That's what we at Spaza believe anyway.

In less than 5 minutes, we can help you build an e-commerce business you're proud of, no matter what you'd like to sell.

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Spaza Online Store
Spaza /'spa:zǝ/
noun — convenience shop business
in South Africa, usually run from home
Online Stores
currently hosted on Spaza Commerce
Fastway Couriers

Simple and Professional

Spaza Commerce - Store Preview

We currently host over 850 online stores, who all trust Spaza to deliver a secure and professional experience to their customers with ease.

PayFast Paypal Paygate Amazon Web Services Auth0 Laravel Campaign Monitor

When it comes to creating the best online store, you need the best e-commerce channel partners to support it. As a Spaza online store owner you'll have access to all of these integrations from within your admin dashboard.

The hard work is done for you so you can concentrate on what you need to do - growing your e-commerce business.

Spaza's Awesome Features

Sell anything, even tickets

That's right - anyone can sell anything! Well, mostly anything. Nothing illegal, harmful or offensive - obviously.

We've created multiple product types for you - if you want to sell actual items, that's great! But you can also go full digital and sell e-books or online courses - all from your own online store!

Spaza E-Commerce Feature - Multiple Product Types

It's powerful, simple, and fast

It's so easy we've opened shops with our eyes closed, just for fun. Seriously though, if you can type and click, you're good to go.

A three step process within an intuitive interface will have your new online store ready to trade in under 5 minutes.

Endless customisations

Apart from the array of payment partners we've integrated with, you'll also be able to customise every aspect of your online store with ease.

This includes how you'd like to ship and deliver your products to your customers, how your store looks, considerations for any special charges or taxes, and even which products you'd like to feature throughout your online store.

Spaza E-Commerce Feature - Completely Free

Best of all, it's super affordable

We're determined to keep Spaza as open and as afforable as possible.

We understand that as a growing e-commerce business owner, the last thing you want to think about is another bill to pay.

As a Spaza online store owner, you'll have access to every single feature within the system from the first second, and you have the choice to subscribe if you'd like even more.

We're all about enabling you

That's right - Spaza has everything you need to quickly create your own online store in minutes - for FREE

We're all about listening, so if there's something you'd like to see on the platform that you feel should be part of our features, please contact us so that we can build it for you.